The Virtual Reality Revolution is One Step Closer


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You’re at the perfect park, the sun is just about to make it over the tallest trees and you hear the sound of crunching leaves directly to your right. You turn, it’s a squirrel carrying a nut in its tiny squirrel hands and you can’t help but smile. Aah, Isn’t nature beautiful?

It is, but you are actually sitting at your desk.

Also you look like this:


So serine!

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“The future is now!”, “What a time to be alive!”, and “The X revolution is one step closer!” are all phrases that we see way too much, and frankly should be banned from the internet. Despite that bold statement, it is becoming increasingly hard to resist speaking these words when devices like the HTC Vive are making their way into the market.

The HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset package designed and manufactured by the joint forces of HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, and Valve, the video game giant that is responsible for the market-leading software distribution service called Steam. Virtual reality headsets on their own are not anything new, as we have seen devices like the Facebook owned Oculus Rift that really proved VR to be more than a gimmick. The HTC Vive, however, comes with two neat-o controllers that track hand and finger movement which allow the user to manipulate virtual objects, a body motion/position tracker that is placed in the room to enable virtual walking, and a forward facing camera that activates to show the user their real surroundings when they are dangerously close to kicking their non-virtual dog.

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The HTC Vive and all of these extra goodies will cost $799. This price being $200 more than the Oculus Rift (goodies sold separately), so weigh your options! Pre-orders open up 2/29 and the first units will be shipped this April.

And it will come with a free copy of this actual award-nominated work of art.wealthynaughtychicken

-The Hardwire

People enjoying a perfect, sunny day outside. -Photo taken December 2nd, 2046


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