Consumer Tablets Dying, Business Tablets Exploding


Quite the violent title, huh. Well it sure feels like it. Business tablets aren’t exploding in the bad way, like a grenade, but the market is taking off at a crazy rate. Consumer tablets are, in fact, dying in the bad way. 

It feels violent because, as a consumer, it’s hard to keep up with what exactly is cool, functional and future-proof. Tablets were historically laughed at as bigger iPhones, then declared a modern marvel, then saturated the market so rapidly that everyone and their neighbor’s dog had a tablet. Now the tablet is letting the 2-in-1 (tablet with detachable keyboard) computers to pick up any slack between a phone, laptop and desktop.

With options like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that runs full Windows, companies like Apple are losing out when their iPad Pro runs the same exact software that the iPhone runs.



Leaked photo of the new Apple iPad Pro 2

Image Source

The use of tablets like the Surface Pro 4 in business is taking off due to the quick, collaborative nature a tablet+stylus brings, in addition to the full features of the complete Windows operating system bundled with Microsoft Office. It’s a business machine right out of the box, and in addition they are really fun to draw on with the included stylus. Personal experience, and all.


Remember that “personal experience”? This took 15 minutes and it’s the best thing this artist has ever created.

As the linked article predicts, business tablet sales will represent 30% of the total tablet market in 2020 (vs. the 8% now), while consumer tablet sales are going to drop.

Stay safe, stay informed, enjoy art.

-The Hardwire


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