Nvidia “Pascal” Graphics Cards…. So Close.

The Nvidia hype train is speeding up.


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With the promise of a blazing 1 TB/s bandwidth and up to 16GB of video memory, people are excited for the next generation of gaming performance. This new generation of video cards, code-named “Pascal”, are manufactured by Nvidia. The cards are slated to be twice as fact as the current generation (“Maxwell”), meaning more computing power in the same package, or the same computing power in half the size.

WCCFTech reports that Nvidia will release a new line of graphics cards very similar to Pascal somewhere around June of this year. Unfortunately, the hardware coming this June won’t be the the full-powered cards, but the lower-tier desktop and laptop cards.

So say “Goodbye Maxwell.”, and “Hiya Pascal!”


We remember when you were new, old buddy.

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“The PC is successful because we’re all benefiting from the competition with each other. If Twitter comes along, our games benefit. If Nvidia makes better graphics technology, all the games are going to shine. If we come out with a better game, people are going to buy more PCs.” 

Gabe Newell, Managing Director at Valve Corporation


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