Retina MacBook Pro Rumors

Once again, Apple is playing catch up with Windows-based devices.


While Windows machines have been sporting the new Intel Skylake processors since late 2015, Apple MacBooks are still stuck a generation or two behind. It’s not entirely their fault: they release different model laptops on a schedule but recently missed a beat and de-synchronized with Intel.

Fortunately, the rumored MacBook Pro will be synchronized with graphics processor companies Nvidia and AMD, who have recently announced their brand new generations in graphics processing. Other than the hardware refresh, this MacBook Pro release is expected to be quite standard. Expect to hear more around June this year, according to

Here is a LEAKED PHOTO* of the current MacBook as the new one will look the same, but you can pretend if you’d like.


*Leaked meaning this was found right here with Google

We don’t usually go nuts over Apple products due to the software limitations of OS X and the low dollar-per-performance value of most Macs, but attempts are made to be journalistically fair even if journalistically isn’t a word.

-The Hardwire



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