The Rumored iPhone is one Glassy Device

If you thought your iPhone 6 wasn’t covered in enough brittle, translucent material, this successor will hopefully be acceptable. Rumors say that Apple is planning on using an “all glass enclosure” on next year’s iPhone.


Lily wants to know what time it is. Guess she didn’t upgrade to the new glass iPhone with iClock.

Image Source

Sources say that it will look nothing like the phone pictured above as that’s completely ridiculous, you should be ashamed. Psychic mediums who volunteer here at The Hardwire have a hunch that it will look similar to the iPhone 6 but with more glass instead of aluminum.

Another rumored feature is the inclusion of an AMOLED screen made by Samsung. AMOLED screens are known for their remarkable acronym, color reproduction and superior black/white contrast. Currently, the Samsung Galaxy line of phones use the similar QHD S-AMOLED screens, with a grand total acronym of Quad High Definition Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode.

No further information has been given, and Apple left the world high and dry earlier this year after their biggest announcement was a the penny-savin’ iPhone SE. More to the point, people felt let down by the by the iPhone SE and are hoping for something a little bit glassier.

-The Hardwire


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