The HP Spectre, Hauntingly Small

Spectre. This evocative word suggests something sleek, fast, and powerful.

HP-Spectre-13.3-right-facingThe HP Spectre. Recently announced with very little fanfare or marketing hype. This is unjustified, as HP has finally created a device worth looking at for the nine or ten minutes you spend with it before breaking. Jokes aside (for now), it’s worth mentioning that HP’s products have dropped in terms of build quality, but still have quite a way to go to be the very worst. Back to the positives: One look at this copper-clad computer is all anyone needs to know what sleek means.

HP-Spectre-13.3_Rear-profile-showing-thinnessHP explains that the Spectre is as thin as a AAA battery and that it will last 9.5 hours on a charge. Going by some real life tests of other HP laptops, one can expect to achieve a little more than half the claimed battery life. The mathematicians here at The Hardwire have poured over spreadsheets and pushed their TI-83s to the limit, coming up with an estimate of about 5 hours. So because it’s powered by as thin as a AAA battery, this laptop exchanges battery life for thinness, it’s in a special class of ultraportable laptops along with the recent MacBook.

Speaking of, the recent MacBook was incredibly thin too. The Spectre aims to upset the market share by coming in just as thin but even more powerful, containing a full mobile Intel i5 processor as opposed to the MacBook’s low power Intel M series. This will make sure the Spectre is fast and comparable with larger laptop options.

HP-Spectre-13.3_right-facing-paired-with-wireless-mouseThe copper accents and hard corners have a steampunk-style flavor to them, not to mention the hinges that are powered by pistons. This design will be polarizing, as will the omission of every port except for three USB Type-C connectors (which could potentially allow it to connect to an external GPU for extra power).


Though there are a few negatives riding against the Spectre, HP is doing the right thing by jumping in because “Never was anything great achieved without danger.” ― Niccolò Machiavelli

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Hopefully this shows the MacBook a thing or two about computing.

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Research: Dyson Airblade Launches Germs Everywhere

Dyson, known for taking vacuums & room fans to the next level of style and mechanical innovation, has had a product out for a while that you may have seen during your last foray into a public restroom.


fig. I) Imagine if this didn’t have instructions on it.


fig.II) Operating procedure.

The Dyson Airblade (fig. I) is a complicated take on the classic hand dryer concept: blow enough air on your hands until you give up and wipe the rest on your pants. With the Airblade, the user can subject their mitts to over 400 mph of airspeed shaped into a thin sheet that strips the water off (fig. II).

Now, this device has been in use for some time now, but a new study shows how sanitary it is compared to its classic counterparts. The University of Westminster tested three methods of hand drying and came up with results relating to the average distance they spew germs:

  • Hand towels spread germs 25cm
  • Standard driers spewed forth at 75cm
  • The Airblade propelled germs 300cm (3 meters!)

To be fair, the average consumer won’t be making the purchase decision for this device, so what do you do with this information? Well, there is only two paths in life that anyone can take after finding this out. 1. Avoid any bathroom you see that has an Airblade (not recommended) or 2. Live life to the fullest and trust your immune system, use really cool devices and be a part of the future.

Now if you are in charge of deciding what moisture-combating device to install in your building, remember a good ol’ paper towel dispenser will make everyone happy.


Though… if you are below budget, keep in mind how crazy cool this is.

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Retina MacBook Pro Rumors

Once again, Apple is playing catch up with Windows-based devices.


While Windows machines have been sporting the new Intel Skylake processors since late 2015, Apple MacBooks are still stuck a generation or two behind. It’s not entirely their fault: they release different model laptops on a schedule but recently missed a beat and de-synchronized with Intel.

Fortunately, the rumored MacBook Pro will be synchronized with graphics processor companies Nvidia and AMD, who have recently announced their brand new generations in graphics processing. Other than the hardware refresh, this MacBook Pro release is expected to be quite standard. Expect to hear more around June this year, according to

Here is a LEAKED PHOTO* of the current MacBook as the new one will look the same, but you can pretend if you’d like.


*Leaked meaning this was found right here with Google

We don’t usually go nuts over Apple products due to the software limitations of OS X and the low dollar-per-performance value of most Macs, but attempts are made to be journalistically fair even if journalistically isn’t a word.

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Consumer Tablets Dying, Business Tablets Exploding


Quite the violent title, huh. Well it sure feels like it. Business tablets aren’t exploding in the bad way, like a grenade, but the market is taking off at a crazy rate. Consumer tablets are, in fact, dying in the bad way. 

It feels violent because, as a consumer, it’s hard to keep up with what exactly is cool, functional and future-proof. Tablets were historically laughed at as bigger iPhones, then declared a modern marvel, then saturated the market so rapidly that everyone and their neighbor’s dog had a tablet. Now the tablet is letting the 2-in-1 (tablet with detachable keyboard) computers to pick up any slack between a phone, laptop and desktop.

With options like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that runs full Windows, companies like Apple are losing out when their iPad Pro runs the same exact software that the iPhone runs.



Leaked photo of the new Apple iPad Pro 2

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The use of tablets like the Surface Pro 4 in business is taking off due to the quick, collaborative nature a tablet+stylus brings, in addition to the full features of the complete Windows operating system bundled with Microsoft Office. It’s a business machine right out of the box, and in addition they are really fun to draw on with the included stylus. Personal experience, and all.


Remember that “personal experience”? This took 15 minutes and it’s the best thing this artist has ever created.

As the linked article predicts, business tablet sales will represent 30% of the total tablet market in 2020 (vs. the 8% now), while consumer tablet sales are going to drop.

Stay safe, stay informed, enjoy art.

-The Hardwire