Research: Dyson Airblade Launches Germs Everywhere

Dyson, known for taking vacuums & room fans to the next level of style and mechanical innovation, has had a product out for a while that you may have seen during your last foray into a public restroom.


fig. I) Imagine if this didn’t have instructions on it.


fig.II) Operating procedure.

The Dyson Airblade (fig. I) is a complicated take on the classic hand dryer concept: blow enough air on your hands until you give up and wipe the rest on your pants. With the Airblade, the user can subject their mitts to over 400 mph of airspeed shaped into a thin sheet that strips the water off (fig. II).

Now, this device has been in use for some time now, but a new study shows how sanitary it is compared to its classic counterparts. The University of Westminster tested three methods of hand drying and came up with results relating to the average distance they spew germs:

  • Hand towels spread germs 25cm
  • Standard driers spewed forth at 75cm
  • The Airblade propelled germs 300cm (3 meters!)

To be fair, the average consumer won’t be making the purchase decision for this device, so what do you do with this information? Well, there is only two paths in life that anyone can take after finding this out. 1. Avoid any bathroom you see that has an Airblade (not recommended) or 2. Live life to the fullest and trust your immune system, use really cool devices and be a part of the future.

Now if you are in charge of deciding what moisture-combating device to install in your building, remember a good ol’ paper towel dispenser will make everyone happy.


Though… if you are below budget, keep in mind how crazy cool this is.

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-The Hardwire